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tv   [untitled]    May 16, 2015 5:00am-5:31am PDT

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then in revenue we'll take appropriate actions when this transition is behind us we lord this this period ahead thank you. >> thank you, john. >> now i'd like to introduce linda the executive director linda please stand and also all the artists and event staffs of staff and board members present here today thank you very much this it that concludes my presentation. >> thank you madam chair i'll call 3 speakersspeakers at a time (calling names). >> commissioners all i'll say
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like when you travel broad you can too brendon black men or van in a or florence you go to any of the places were there recent culture you need something like the moscone center that has a variety of things and what is happening in our city is as much as we are buildings high rises we fail to build open spaces even though a transbay we are talking about a garden yes or no or whatever they have building with a garden on top of that is meant for the public but nobody know about it so as i told us i have used the yerba buena gardens a lot for my artistic
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creativity and what we need to do as a city is innovative more creative architects to create more yerba buenas all over the city open space and in doing so we have to be careful that wherever ever wherever we have open spaces less traffic not people going to the open spaces and bringing in all the police cars but bye we i'm the director of the vial justice i write about this stuff but the city we'll talk about the conscious footprint thinking this they can block the people more concretes millions and
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millions of concrete to increase the photo copy the more you compromise the quality of life issues so our open spaces for the children for single mothers for others who can't for the record expensive places to go it a place to go and relax with the children plays on the lawns and breath preferring good air so the yerba buena center ever aspect should be a listing and since it is under our charge and something is happening my my own thing to speak for the people is that whoever gets it preserves and betters what is there and the workers and whoever invited in it should be compensated in a fair and good
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way thank you very much. >> hi my colleague couldn't stay but a statement i'd like to read i'm an administrative assistant for the yerba buena gardens i'm the director for the filipino contemporary and attributable arts located in the center and have the learn festival with the filipino-american and arts and events in the month of may with the filipino foundation and the theatre manila and yerba buena gardens festival we are presenting offer 50 artists in the arts festival at the t in the filipino and in the yerba
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buena gardens and director of the community-based organization and an individual artist the yerba buena gardens celebrating it's 15 year a model for all presenting arts organization activating a place and present a wide range of john rays of color and san franciscans economic levels can joy they provide opportunity for artists to showcase to many and it has great visibility as a small nonprofit organization without walls the yerba buena gardens festival is a mission free please support and encourage the yerba buena gardens festival work by supporting it for another 3 years thank you. >> thank you.
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>> good afternoon commissioners i'm john callaway a form artist commission and program for the arts in the school district i'm in support of programming agreement for the next 1 to 3 years they've done everything they could in terms of the uses they've bracketing brought in and brokered and brought in outdoor sources to provide resources for the teamster that comes over there and performs it is a wide variety of performers and a lot binging in tourist we had a great event last sunday but more importantly it is one assessable spaces in the city it is free and open to public access promising is wide
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and not ♪ culture but in the generational seniors and children using that park and being entertained by this attach programming so again, i want to express my is to know support for continuing this >> (calling names). >> hi good afternoon my name is a linda i'm the executive director and artistic of the yerba buena gardens festival thank you, commissioners and director bohe for novelist us i'm sure you're aware of the artist and events as long as the yerba buena gardens festival was founded with the support of san francisco redevelopments agency in the mission at the festival is to enhance the quality and visibility of life in the public
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spaces of yerba buena gardens through the presentation of world-class free performing arts programs that reflect the cafeteria created of the san francisco and beyond we believe that everyone deserves the joy the supposition that only life performances offer with the at least autumn a of public spaces we're creating a place where people connect our staff makes sure that audience members are welcome and it was built and disappointed to connect all people in life those with physical challenges and residents of subsidize housing and residents that live in condo that is built for everyone over 50 percent of the artists are from san francisco and those people live in san francisco and
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in the bay area we also have a continuous i think fluctuations of folks eager to experience the artist we partner with other san francisco artists organizations seeking to present jbdz to build and - since our inception it's a a community resource, in fact, we celebrated our 15th anniversary this sunday drawing ever had thousand people to dance and sing with the national jazz master eddy and his orchestra center is a fantastic opening as john was saying that is little kids and grandparent and everyone so as a san francisco resident and voter it is my great pleasure and privilege to have worked with the roll call vote agency and successor agency and the office of san francisco community investment & infrastructure
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commission over since 2000 and i very much hope our important work can continue thank you. >> thank you i'm going to put on my former redevelopment i'm here to apologize for a mistake i made 20 plus years ago you may not know the center for the art was performing the art perverse a natural to stick that on as a turnout the center also busy getting it's on facility and the programming of the facilities that the garden didn't happen so after a couple of years we notified the center we noted to track separately for programming of the ganders mario garcia you
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may remember he was the fantastic person that began doing the ground work for programming the arts in the garden and creating a world-class place outdoor performance place that he and others have carried on that is internationally known and unfortunately, the national endetainment for the arts don't have a way to create their program for outdoor performances but fortunately linda lou sar stepped up and carried the gardens program into new levels informed the board it works with the fine things you've heard about my peaking make i wrote a belief contract with mario and
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never brought a proper contract to the commission that reflected the type of art organizations that the programming of the garden role deserved as the city didn't put that's art organizations out to bid not only the moscone goes out to bid this programming track should not be put out to bid it is subject to short term extensions and that should have been redone i admit to not doing it and pay attention to it the services that ones that have to be assured long enough to give the artist time to contract with them to do performances grants time to do the grants that are noted in the future and so my mistake so thank you today for considering this extension and
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the potential it provides for yerba buena artists events to continue beyond the 3 year term i urge you to approve the contract and brep a more appropriate agreement with this comes up for consideration thank you. >> (calling names). >> hello good afternoon. i'm al a community organizer serving as pointing of the filipino-american arts expedition our signature is the festival i'm proud to say the was one of the first cultural events held at the yerba buena gardens when it opened 22 years ago i currently serve as the commission of the entertainment commission and not here to officially represent the
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commission mime here to spectacular or support the agreement with the yerba buena artists the events was over hundred free outdoor concerts in 2014 as attracted major errors to the city and county of san francisco and, in fact the controller's office folsom o following a question from supervisor wiener has implement a study of economic combaekz of san francisco last year alone in 20143.3 millions people fend the outdoor event and spent millions of dollars those out of town visitor and that number's 1 point of million people in 2014 recorded that the main reason they visited san francisco was to attend an event so clearly the outdoor events like the
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hundred of skerpts that the yerba buena gardens produces represents a chiropractor for san francisco they are responsible for the expanding get out of out-of-towners but other businesses throughout their stay they visit and this generates municipal court events as it recalculating the number of businesses and employees including the homeless transportation restaurant and entertainment and night life i can you remember this commission to expand f this what they do not only has a important economic impact do san francisco tourism and economy but the cultural programs they produce and enlighten the doubt area and celebrate the cultures and may i
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add in the 14 years i've personally worked with linda with bob and mary and the staffer i can honestly say that they've proven themselves to be excellent outstanding steward and truly deserve our support thank you. >> good afternoon commissioners i'm marcus a local emulation composer and teacher i've been teach for the los last 20 years a resident of san francisco store 20 years a member of the san francisco arts commission i'm speaking as a local artist and the opportunities that the yerba buena gardens festival has provided for musician here in the bay area they've been doing in the course things over the last 10 years and been so marked
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their programming is diverse and inclusive that represents the best it san francisco has to offer in terms of the diversity and cultural tricks and it also has provided a place for someone like me to take their family to see other groups to be inspired a big part of why people come here it is a designation of artist i want to stand in support of a member as of the art communicated it means a lot to us all you guys provided opportunities liquor mission opportunities and performance and collaborations this is something that go critical to artists even wanting to stay in san francisco something as
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important as the yerba buena gardens festival i want to come and add my voice to the many voices to this great space and this o i moved here 20 years ago he remember seeing this place being developed but never knew it would have the type of impact on my alive so thank you very much. >> hello commission and madam chair rosales director bohe are commissioners my name is it aaron the executive director not that toilet the president of the broshgs ever yerba buena artist and events just want to come by a drop a note of thanks to the eject and the xoemd director bohe for all you're doing to not
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only uphold the art but to be able to support the formation of an organization that's become a national indeed an international site that brings people into the city and county of san francisco to celebrate the arts in a very contraband way fully free to the public this is a very important endeavor that is an endeavor that is close to many of our hearts you can tell by the board of directors we have not only those who represent the development aspects of our city but those who represent those who were forming in our position represents the art and the community that have come together to roll think very hard about how we can create a very
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open and engaging space that would be very not only important to the city speak to what the city is all about and what someone earlier mentioned st. francis would be pleased to see here i'm not only the president but to be associated with folks liquor listened and arturo and shawn and mary and the whole crew st. joseph's and raul to make this a space we were produced producing of we're happy about the flexibility to insure that attach o continues to exist along into the future and working hard to do that i just wanted to say thank you once again and certainly look
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forward to working with you far into the future thank you. >> thank you. >> any additional card. >> okay that being said commissioner bustos. >> so i'm actually attempted not to support this because bipolar belief i'm not the guy in this photograph and not at the party this past sunday i didn't know about it so i'm highly upset you guys are doing a terrific job of programming (laughter) i hope i know it looks like the important guy uh-huh. >> now that you're saying it it as striking rebel lance ambulance i hope the commissioners get notified especially something liquor eddy for me to miss eddy that's a
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shame i mean put us on our newsletter or news list it will be great in the awesome the diversity as someone said this is the best of san francisco and international city it take care of their own so the fact there's local local great mission organizations that's part of the system this sets unus apart if other cities and the programs the partners you guys have is an incredible group of partners many of you guys do is phenomenal i'd like to move that item madam chair. >> i had a city commissioner bustos we had your known as those we don't see you guys
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anywhere so i second the motion. >> we have a forward looking at calendar i missed eddy but manny. >> shame on me any comments? >> well, i was not notified either and why is it only- >> (laughter). >> all mercedes benzmembers of the public are here i think that was commissioner bustos i withholding. >> we have a motion and second commissioner bustos. >> commissioners please
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announce tour vote commissioner mondejar commissioner singh commissioner hurtado commissioner bustos madam chair rosales i have 4 i's congratulations (clapping) maybe we should have a meeting and yerba buena gardens thank you so much. >> thank you music and food and dance it's amazing how you can dance there too the grounds are kept well okay we're obviously trying to have some fun next item the next order of business is item 6 public comment on non-agenda items madam chair. >> any speaker cards. >> i do i have dr. espanola jackson francisco.
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>> please. >> mr. norman. >> madam chair and all commissioners, i come before you with a dire manner you as the commission does some things as us as black contractor in the burr with the shipyard and other projects we've got certain contracts that were mentioned do all they know be or to make sure we carton participate in a level the playing field and i go ahead and make it possible for us to tell them they have to use us but we're to the provided the same leldz they want to micro manage us but not enough money to where we show a
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profit and make that look like every time we come before you we're begging for more help all we wanted was a level the playing field and we still haven't gotten it i met our new mayor ed lee i want to come before you today and let you know how much he needs you all to back up him to help us do get a legally so you'll know and look at it everything we don't want to you take our word like some libby and some folks do once they give us a contract but not a level the playing field contract if they don't get the good old boy they want to give us it to us we can't make a profit and all the things that a better
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than that gets the contract can do you know you can look at their books and look at the boxes of the other owners of the project and see how they cook their boxes we have just enough to get through the job but never enough to survive we're very missuses and mistreated on is shipyard slavery is alive and well on the hunters point shipyard and to us lamar is not doing enough with that die because he is still cooking the boxes and doing everything to make sure we are failing and doing everything but walking off the project if we start filing mechanics lions we don't want to hurt the project that's why i'm here
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let's bring that back it is all right to talk the talk but we need you all to walk the walk need all the help and do not please do not take our word we want you to have them open up their boxes and is the transaction between lamar and them how they get paid but not pass it on the the contractor and micro manage to pay our employees their net pay with you not enough pay the benefits and ed d d and never want to give us costs associated with returning the thing such as i mean it is really a struggle we're out
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there doing what we can and we're in a catch-22 situation we don't want to do anything to stop the progress we've made so for but she's not leaving us a lot of options mr. lee is helping me but needs you guys to make sure this didn't happen arrest to those guys get the same contract they have an inside deal and you u know how they'll miss treat us to show a profit thank you very much thank you for your time. >> thank you thank you for coming. >> >> know commissioners we said one we had a human rights commission and you know the human rights that people that worked and we had compliance
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officers now we have the contract monitoring division and we have the city administrator and let's make that very clear the mayor can sit with the city administrator and the developer and do as they please you've heard as norman he expresses as best he could she's not coping well, he brought himself here three or four times people calling him he's got people working for him and not making ends meet i have an office at the executive park and the local business enterprise quiz the minority have not been working in two or three months we've got people